EcoCraft Design's policy is to only purchase hardwoods from sustainably managed forests.

EcoCraft - Samartex is part of WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network. EcoCraft products are made to 90% from “waste wood” (wood not otherwise utilized) and 10% sawn lumber. All Timber is sourced from well managed natural forests of Samartex (www.samartex.com.gh). 

The natural tropical forest provides a living space for literally thousands of animal and plant species. This contrasts with plantation forests, even certified ones, which tend to be very poor in terms of biodiversity. As an essential principle of the EcoCraft concept, only "waste wood" (wood not other wise utilized), branches, buttresses, roots or tree-defects are used.

Every piece can be traced back through the craftsmen or carver who made it, to its origin in the rainforest. The consequent implementation of transparency and sustainability are thus shown in the products - a gift of the forest that makes a difference.